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3D Printable Chair

'Sustainability Chair Project'

University Project: During the pandemic, after purchasing a 3D printer I wanted to experiment with the potential of decentralised manufacturing. I began experimenting with single-part prints and the potential for cost-effective products from reduced distribution costs.


This innovative chair can be printed on large-scale 3D printers, eliminating the need for additional adhesives and joining materials. By leveraging the power of additive production, this method generates zero waste being tailored for support-free printing. As the technology advances and gains wider adoption, it becomes an ideal solution for decentralized manufacturing. By reducing overproduction and mitigating distribution-related carbon emissions if printed locally. This 3D printable chair also utilises infill patterns to create a lightweight and durable product that could challenge traditional alternatives. Its sleek design, combined with the eco-friendly production process, showcases the immense possibilities offered by additive manufacturing. This project reflects my commitment to designing a greener future and my passion for this technology.

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