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Aftershave Packaging


University Project: This project was created from my dissatisfaction with the boring and wasteful packaging that often accompanies high-cost "luxury" aftershave products. Seeking to make a lasting impression, I embarked on creating a packaging experience that would be both memorable and sustainable. The highlight of the design was a captivating reveal and reusable packaging concept. With a unique corkscrew-style mechanism, the lid removal triggered an elegant unveiling of the aftershave product from the top. This innovative approach added an element of excitement and uniqueness, setting it apart from conventional designs. To promote sustainability, I integrated NFC capabilities into the packaging. By leveraging NFC technology, at the tap of a phone customers could conveniently be directed to a website that offered refills and additional products. This encouraged the reuse of the glass bottle, addressing a common customer oversight and reducing unnecessary waste.

Untitled_Artwork 32 copy_edited.jpg
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